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Georgia Twine is a farmer/family-owned and operated business started by Ronnie Green. We are dedicated to the needs of the farmer who relies on critical forage as part of their nutrition and feed plan.

Since the beginning the focus was to support the farmer with all things forage. We bring tested and proven products but most importantly … expertise … to the farm. The products we carry are products we use and test ourselves! There is no better way to ensure that you receive quality products which meet your specific forage needs.

Ronnie has been a life-long farmer and is dedicated to beef and forage farming. Ronnie is always looking for ways to better improve efficiency while maintaining high quality in hay production. Ronnie is known all over the state of Georgia as a subject-matter expert in forage processes, equipment and technologies and is active with both local and state programs which includes sitting on the board of the Hall County Farm Bureau.

One of Ronnie’s recent achievements was to prove that high-quality and sustainable alfalfa crops are achievable in North Georgia … which has been long-thought unrealistic.

Georgia Twine’s single goal is to provide farmers with proven solutions to ensure you are getting the most from your crops and controlling costs associated with high-quality forage. We are proud to be working with the University of Georgia to complete real-world testing and evaluation of forage treatment options such Silo-King in the beef cattle industry. While Silo-King is a proven treatment program in the dairy industry but still new to beef cattlemen.

These are examples of Georgia Twine’s dedication the farmer and the farm. Call Ronnie directly and discuss your needs. We are always eager to share and learn.


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