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AgFlex Grain and Silage Bags

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agflexAgFlex Grain, Silage, and Commodity Bags represent the best in field storage solutions. Featuring the industry's first 7 layer SmartStructure® technology, your choice of an AgFlex storage bag to protect your grain and silage assures you of a high performance solution offering increased strength, greater puncture and tear resistance, and the utmost in peace of mind.

  • 50% greater tear and puncture strength compared to previous generation 3 layer bags
  • 40% more resistant to "slumping"
  • All-weather design: field tested and proven performance for use in North America's harsh winter climate as well as high heat situations
    Guaranteed to withstand 24 months of ultraviolet exposure under normal circumstances
  • Improved oxygen-limiting properties to protect silage and grains from spoilage
  • Anywhere. Anytime. Ultimate Flexibililty.

With modern high capacity silage baggers, grain baggers, and grain bag extractors, filling an AgFlex storage bag in the field saves you time, labor, storage, and fuel costs. Speed up your harvest by filling an AgFlex bag in the field instead of trucking grain long distances for storage. Once harvest is over, extract the grain from the AgFlex bag at your convenience and haul it to market or to your permanent on-farm storage.

Protect Your Grain and Silage With the Best Storage System

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AgFlex bags are certified FDA compliant and are made of approved resins that are suitable for all human and animal grain and feed storage, in a 100% recyclable bag.

As a leader in agricultural bag technology, with innovations including automated bag folding and being the first in North America to market UV stabilized formulas in our bags, RPC BPI Agriculture has set a new standard for excellence, product performance, and customer satisfaction with the 7 layer AgFlex line of grain and silage bags.

AgFlex bags are also compatible with all silage baggers, grain baggers, and high capacity grain bag extractors.

Trust your valuable grain and silage crop to the leader in bag storage solutions - RPC BPI Agriculture and AgFlex. Period