Bag-All Silage Tubes Premium high gauge, triple-layered coextruded, polyethylene bags.. Product #: silage-tube-010

Silage Tubes

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bagall logoAs demands change, storage and feeding needs change. The BAG ALL Storage System is the solution and will provide you with the flexibility and quality you require in a silage storage system.BAG ALL is cost efficient and at the same time a premium high gauge, triple-layered coextruded, polyethylene bag.


silage tube

The process of coextruding three polymer layers together, allows our films to achieve specific performance properties that are necessary to meet their application needs. Our films are put through a series of industry standard tests that measure the relative performance of each specific film in terms of strength and durability. Tests show that the Bag All bag consistently out performs or is equal to our competition in all areas of standardized testing. Our bags have earned a reputation of quality by being more resistant to tears and punctures, and also by standing up firm and high.