CordexAgri Cordex NETEXX Netwrap NETEXX S2S (side-to-side) and OS (over-the-edge) technologies offers you complete bale coverage and .. Product #: NX-PUR-48/11800-16 Regular price: $0.00 $0.00

Cordex NETEXX Netwrap

Manufacturer: CordexAgri
SKU: NX-PUR-48/11800-16
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Next Generation Netwrap

Georgia Twine proudly presents a new generation net wrap. Cordex-Agri is a trusted partner and manufacturer of premium net wrap with New Generation meshing and Side to Side coverage. Committed to research, design and integration, Cordex-Agri is dedicated to providing the best performing net wrap on the market.



Netexx S2S offers farmers and contractors complete bale coverage and can be used in all makes and models of round baling machines.

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