Georgia Twine Gravel Bags - A Better Way To Secure Bunker Covers Protecting your feed comes down to a plastic membrane only a few thousandths of an inch thick. Why w.. Product #: GB005-BR - Sold in 10 Packs Regular price: $35.00 $35.00

Gravel Bags - A Better Way To Secure Bunker Covers

Manufacturer: Georgia Twine
SKU: GB005-BR - Sold in 10 Packs
Weight: 5.00lb

Price: $35.00

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Our Gravel Bags are made from UV-treated, tough long lasting flexible material designed to withstand excessive handling while withstanding esposure to the elements. Sold in lots of 10 each. Custom pricing available for larger orders..

Usually filled with pea gravel, due to their flexibility, Secure Gravel Bags are able to make a much better seal against the silage pit side wall than tyres.

gravel bag1

A tire will only have one point of contact with the clamp side wall whereas the Secure Gravel Bag touches along its length.

Benefits of Gravel Bags

Stop air and rainwater getting into silage and prevent spoilage
Focus more weight on shoulders
Use with side sheets
Easy to handle and store
Reusable year after year

No More Tires! A Better Way To Protect Your Bunker Covers!

no tires

Yes ... we know that farmers have been using tires for forever to secure their bunker covers. The reality is that tires are inefficent and offer little additional protection other than wind. Bunker covers are the majority of a tires surface area is not on your cover. Much is still exposed to weather, critters and hoofs. Add to that stale water collected in tires ... more mosquitoes. Finally ... putting tires out and storing them well ... just sucks.

Our gravel bags are an awesome new option for protecting your silage and bunker covers. They are reusable with a 10 year full UV stability guarantee. Easily deployed and secured. Made from the highest quality, finely knitted, UV stable 100% Recyclable HDPE, made with a tough, interlocked knitted textile which will not fray or ladder.