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Silage Bunker Covers

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feefresh logoFeedFresh® silage covers combine proven product technology from our expertise in the grain and construction markets to produce the ultimate silage covering product. By utilizing our Dura♦Skrim® technology, we can offer the strongest cover available. Our experience with multi-layer gas barriers contributes to the ultra-low oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of this product. This allows FeedFresh® silage covers to provide superior strength and maximum forage freshness.

feedfresh sidebarFeedFresh® silage covers can help Dairy and Cattle Producers increase their bottom line by maintaining high quality silage throughout the bunker. By improving palatability results and increasing consumption through a more consistent feed intake, cows can produce additional pounds of milk for dairy producers and steer/heifer’s can increase gainper-day for cattle producers. Raven’s exceptional history of product innovation, ISO 9001:2008 certified management capabilities, and our highest level of customer service and support, provide even more reasons to look to Raven for all your agricultural covering needs.

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Hear Direct from a FeedFresh® Customer... MADE IN USA

"Prior to using FeedFresh silage covers, we bagged haylage and built roll-over haylage piles, in both cases we experienced a fair amount of mold. The haylage we covered with FeedFresh silage covers was pristine. The pile covered with FeedFresh is by far the best haylage pile we have ever had at Cornerstone Dairy. Previously we consistently had four plus inches of moldy corn silage on our piles that needed to be removed prior to feeding. Since switching to Feed Fresh silage covers, we have experienced our cleanest corn silage ever, free of any mold, enabling us to feed out the entire pile. Otherbonus factors when using FeedFresh silage covers are the reduced labor required to deploy this oxygen barrier cover as it is available in one large piece, it is reinforced to withstand installation abuse and holds up to the punishing sun. After experiencing the impressive performance of the FeedFresh silage covers, there is no compelling reason for us to ever switch back to the old way of covering silage!"

Cornerstone Dairy